Inner workings with words...

Where do they go? How can they seem so far away when searching for them? How can one learn how to say things without have a full set?

Why when things come out can they fall how one does not anticipates them to? Where is the Truth? Why is clear in my head and not easy to explain? Why are they taking in a manner of attack? Their meanings changed and shifted by the receiver.

Sometimes no sharing may be easier. Others thought processes are different and unique unto one another. Maybe I should care more? Each of us has an understanding from our view. Unfortunately those and our Truths differ widely.

Change is inevitable. Even so we each try and control it. Controlled or free falling, it will happen. We have to be prepared for all outcomes and sometimes that may be our undoing. The sense of unknown is not even the fearful part, but the sense of bad is. We as humans can look forward and may not be able to know what lies out there but we can take a guess and sometimes that guess is worse than reality and sometimes not.

But when our assumption is one of less than good we as humans try and prepare our mind for that outcome even though it has not even been set. Hence we change our own interactions and movements off of some guess. This in turn reflects around others and us and reactions, choices and decisions based on nothing are already changed, whether they happen or not. How muddled is that?

We change our own future by our movement due to a future which we envisioned which may or may not come. We complicate our life more than it already is? Why do we do that?

How does one learn to not look up sometimes and just see the circle around them? Why do we look out so much?

Instinct and protection. You cannot drive by only seeing the car in front. What happens when the car next to you cuts you off? You cannot live being shaken by the invasions that surround you, whether they come from the sides, back or front. Preparedness is something we do need to do, but finding a compromise to not control it may be the key.

One may internalize and be aware of the answers, but that still does not give them the key.