Me filled with it. Sadly the introspective thoughtful side seems to be lost inside of me. We are each filled with so many keys and doorways. Amazing how completely unique they are.

I seem to have found some type of glass half empty stadium were the doorways seem to be filled and exiting not allowed at the moment.

Mental, physical and all the other crap in between has taken its toll. One awaits in one those uncomfortable plastic chairs. Hoping the crowded space empties soon. I sit by myself viewing the fields from a distance. The grass looks pretty, but sadly I know the Truth. Once you walk up to it all the moss, clover and dandelions are visible. Just another field of illusions. Hence my field is as good as that already, may as well pull some weeds here.

Life has tracks, paths, changes and movement throughout. One can take the opportunity or not. It seems as of late I have preferred not. Watching the walkway go by as I sit in my plastic chair, hoping for something to come along. And in the end knowing it will have to be me to get my ass up and be part of the game again.

Sadly I am a weaker player than ever before and I don't want to be left on the sidelines. Like most things in life the longer you put off playing, the harder playing will be. Hence perhaps it is time to stand and at least stretch.



Blogger Tamara said...

Of course the grass has some weeds. Nothing is perfect...no one is perfect. The sooner we accept that life comes with mess the sooner we can approach it with the right attitude.

You see yourself as being stuck in a glass half full mindset. The only advice I can give you is when you catch yourself moving in that direction...pause. Take a minute and use that magnificent brain of yours to ask more questions. Hopefully you'll come up with a few positive answers.

6:35 AM  

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