No Rain

All sun right now...yeah we have a few clouds in the sky, but over all a sunny spring day lays ahead. I miss my rain, but oddly enough the sun feels good. Perhaps because it's only bringing beauty and not heat that one can enjoy it so much. Still in those mild 50's and low 60's a very nice spring day.

My yard is happy (I need to mow again) and things seems to be getting better. Kiddo awoke Sunday after 12.5 long hours of sleep almost with full energy.

The Wii got some good morning use and I watched happily. She was scooted on over to the ex's place leaving me a bit on the quiet side. In the end I sat for hours snowboarding and practicing some other games as well.

Over all this weekend ended better than its beginnings. And so far today seems to be on a smooth path as well.

A bit worried about the golf ball stuck to the Okie's head after minor collision with the lord of chaos, but I think all will be fine in the long run.