Sleep anyone?

Kids in pain are the worst. How can you not feel bad? When a child hurts you seem to hurt with them. To try and explain really is not an effective method. Instead we comfort and do our best to help.

A cold that wont go away. I know better. When I was given kiddo this week she had already missed three days of school and yet I tried to believe it was just another cold. I heard her mention a small earache and yet I did not leap as I should have and the road in front. Perhaps my sense of hope took over my sense of reality. Instead reality hit last night.

Me left feeling physically like shit, but nowhere near as bad as a totally innocent 7 years old. My denying ability cropped up forcing her into a night of pain. And what's more, my stupidity allowed me to consider homeopathy eardrops instead of some good old fashion drug formula. Stupid idiot. I allowed my daughter to be in more pain after dragging to a store that had not "drug" formula eardrops, but some natural good product that sucked and really was complete shit. Who is the dumbshit...moi?

Each step shows my lack of judgment once again. Wow, I allowed an innocent child a night of hell because I was making poor choices for us both. Time to pull it together.

Peace and Health (at least my daughters)


Blogger Tamara said...

Aww...cut yourself some slack. We all want to hope the earache or sore throat doesn't get worse. We put off for a day the trip to the doctor we probably should have made. You're not alone in these decisions.

And, as we discovered, homeopathic is all that's available for over-the-counter earache remedies. That usually works great for Cal but I think little E's ear was too far gone for it to work for her. Your backup plan worked like a charm and now she's got antibiotics to get the infection booted from her system.

Your lack of sleep is showing in this post, babe. Stop beating yourself up.

8:18 PM  

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