In 12hours I will be in a vehicle on my way to the airport to spend hours of waiting and then almost 3 more in a metal tube into hell heat. And you know what? I am excited. I feel like crap as does the kiddo, and yet we both feel like it's Christmas in summer.

The magic kingdom as sent it's magic dust far and wide and we have been captured by it.

I look forward to seeing Okie as much as I look forward to the kingdom.

Most likely will be avoiding to many rides as currently feels like my head is on a permanent one. I can be the photographer of fun. Yes with me supposedly red camera that actually is closer to pink.

Perhaps with enough drugs in me I can feel like whirling around, but then again maybe not. I will do my best to stay cool and hydrated and watch hopefully a healing kiddo have fun.

So onward we go.

Peace and definitely Health.