Mine seems so close. Something to view and realize how near to change we are. I always hope that I can take change in stride, but I know it can be very hard and I expect I will learn quickly what hard really can mean.

Reality is viewable, we each have the ability to see our own and others. What we do with it is the difference. We can walk our path in denial of that which surrounds us, we can take tiny steps forward or back and we if we choose we can change up our reality. Which ever you do make the best of what you can and seek out the meaning of your Reality.

Life is definitely a road and sometimes one in desperate need of new pavement in times of off roading perhaps finding a new route is in order. Seeking others that know the map can help. We are not islands and we do not have all the answers, so sometimes we need to put our hopes and purpose within someone else's control.

Peace and Health.