Time rolls by

I await for spring to arrive. Fires in the stove every night seems very very odd in the month of June. The weather has been outright crappy, oddly enough I have not been to depressed from it though, just awaiting a bit of warmth that will come soon enough.

I am in the thought that perhaps that will motivate me to actually accomplish something at home (one can hope). This be the last weekend before vacation and I really must do some shit whether I like it or not.

At least at work I seem to be slowly accomplishing things. Even when it feels like I am not. The pace seems slow, but I noticed today my desk still filled with crap but in the end less large projects are on the horizon. Getting a handle and timeline in place for the outstanding issues. So, I must be doing something there.

I really need vacation, I seem to be empty of lots and one is hoping vacation can re-energize me.

Peace and Health.