Weather, I don't think so. This post is not about the weather.

What does hot mean? Well, probably a different meaning for each of us. Beauty...another process that is in the eye of the beholder. And that eye needs to have some reality focus on it. Beauty like Truth lives within. We each show it in our unique ways.

Amazingly enough over the last two days I have witnessed (not first hand) egos and stupidity in large proportions. Confidence is important for each of us, however some seem to have taken way too much at the doorway. Overconfidence probably on its own is okay, but put that with a over-sized ego and bam you have arrogant asshole.

How can one degrade so easily another human and consider themselves to be something above? I am always surprised how arrogance seems to shine through clearly on folks who think of themselves as "hot".

Kissing...let's take the concept for a moment. Someone considers themself to be a "good" kisser...what bullshit. Kissing takes two and not one. Hell each of us is a unique being and may prefer kissing in different format. I know from my own experience that what I truly prefer is not standard procedure for many. How many people truly evaluate kissing and think good and bad? Does it not take two folks who prefer the "similar" styles to create greatness?

So, anyone who goes on to blog about how great they are at (fill in the blank)...they are full of shit. It took two to make that greatness and here is where it pisses me off. Those same arrogant assholes will go on to degrade another who perhaps did not meet their "qualification" of greatness. Reality check for you arrogant shitheads...the greatness is not yours, so stop ranting about folks who do not live up to your greatness. News flash...you could suck at (fill in the blank).

So the next time you read or reply to some dipshit that thinks so highly of themselves consider the reality that it took two with similarities.

So to all you great people, congratulations on finding someone who agrees and the next time you think something was lame or beneath you remember it was your own fault.

Peace and Health.


Blogger Tamara said...

I'm so glad that what I prefer isn't "standard procedure for many" either.

6:28 AM  
Blogger Brilliantly Mad said...

Some people go into overkill when trying to boost their own confidence. I believe the opposite problem exists when they do that. But yeah...one person in particular has a rather skewed impression of herself in that arena.

7:28 AM  

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