Long Weekend

Provided plenty of extra time to get some things done. And amazingly enough I got things done that have been waiting months. Has felt good clearing away stuff. Piling items up for a friends "Big Ass" sale, hopefully to help out with her “Big Ass” phone bill. Leaving space that will be not nearly be enough soon.

Did some usual cleaning and mowing as well. So all and all a very productive weekend, yippee. Seems to be a rarity for me, hence feeling better. Today I will do more of the same, or at least I hope to.

The weather has been splendid in the lower 70's and sunshine. Hence I enjoy the sun if it does not involve lots of heat as well and I am not forced to have to hang out in it for hours on end.

So back to it I go.

Peace and Health.


Blogger Brilliantly Mad said...

I will add "big ass" fines to the "big ass" phone bill.

10:17 AM  

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