Let it fall

Rain rain rain a beautiful thing it is. Creating a view of comfort for me, as I look out over the clouded over gray skies and the water falling freely I once again realize how much I enjoy it all.

The sun will be bringing heat and a lot of it this weekend, so hopefully folks can put away their judgments today and enjoy the beauty of it all. Let the rain fall.

Life and all things surrounding us is complex. Each give and take creates the moments in which we live. Some are easier than others. In the end all are important.

Good or bad each give us our next step we choose how to interpret and move along that path. One has the ability to make the best of it. At times in life that seems way too hard and seeing the negative is easier, but is it? Sure as hell feels that way, but I wonder does it not increase the bumps along the way?

So today, folks in my city grumble about the beauty of rain and Friday and Saturday when it reaches record breaking heat they will grumble about that as well. Me, I will seek the beauty in what is before me and hide away as much as possible this weekend since it is short term hell before my rain comes streaking back into our forecasts.

Find your Peace. We each need it sometimes. It may sit next to the elusive Truth, but in the end seeking it will lead us on a better path.

Good Luck.


Blogger blondegonemad said...

O...M...G...you're writing again! That's a good sign, right? Even I thought to myself yesterday, "well, it's probably a good thing we have all this rain today (a-choo!) since it will get extremely warm over the next few days."

7:34 AM  

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