Back on track?

Sometimes I wonder how an outlook that has not actually changed seems so changed? It's an oddity, but one that I will gladly take this time around.

Books are starting to be easier to read again. Focus on the non essential is simpler and can be outright fun. The body continues to hold me hostage but in the end one is finding paths around even it.

Future still seems far away and distant but hope seems more vivid and colorful than it has been in a very long time.

Cutting through the weeds bring forth an open field. Work to be done but that is part of the process of life. I am actually enjoying the sun and light and each day brings me closer to the next. A move in the right direction.

Lots to do and so much more left undone, but in the end it seems doable. So today on this Friday I will keep moving forward and enjoy the balance that has seem to arose from the darkness.

Let the beauty of the day move you. Peace.