Good News

Vet called early this afternoon and let me know his suspicions were way off. Hippycat2 has bad (no) teeth and a nasty respiratory infection which antibiotics should clear up.

Hence she is old and needs soft food forever, but she will survive a while longer...very happy. She is already feeling better got down a whole can of food (throughout the day). And as usual looking for more love.

Work was way to busy. I look forward to my co-workers return on Thursday.

Came home totally not wanting to do anything, but Tamara was good and got me moving a bit. Accomplished a few things off of the list. Probably need to do a few more each night, but hey, some better than none.

Need to get out and do some serious weeding, perhaps if these evening continue to be nice I can get a few hours in as well.

Motivation and energy...find me soon please!

Peace, Health and Happiness!