Morning Sunshine

I sit here at my desk with the sun already beating down onto my desk.

Grumpy and unmotivated. That is how I feel. Tons and I do means tons of work sitting my desk to be completed this week. Two large projects await my business need forms I am to fill out with the technical crap that most likely nobody will read anyway.

More visual display updates as once again I am already behind and should have quarter 3 up already, but I has as yet even completed quarter two numbers. Three vendors are driving me nuts, but that is so not unusual so easy to ignore them.

Home is actually calm and yet completely not. I am the impatient puppy and hate waiting.

Also what the hell is with this summer? We had way to many days in Spring that were hot and sunny and short on rain and now this frickin' heat is driving me nuts. High 80's this week with mid 90's on the upcoming weekend. What the hell? Where are my 70's averages!!!! Give 'em back.

Hence I sit here getting nothing done and feeling overwhelmed with what should be done. I seem to be heading towards darkness for a while, we'll see.

Peace, Health and Happiness...I could go for a bit of rain as well.