The Calm

Today begins the hell of 90...degrees that is. Yesterday's 89 was PLENTY hot enough for me. Today begins the wonderful summer streak of 90's. Wednesday we are now on target to be very close to the triple digits. These things do not make me happy.

I am having a hard enough time staying cool and 90's do not make it easier. Why is my vacation 7 days away...

But then I think of my poor feline beasts. If I were gone while it was in the 90's no one would be here night and day to try and cool this house down or keep checking to make sure there water was full, so I guess me living through this hell with them is worth it.

Then a vacation to the beach. Let the 60's envelope me happily. Let me want my sweatshirt. I look forward to being cold for a while.

Sadly between now and then stands at least 5 days of hell.

Peace, Health and Happiness.