Summer sunshine and heat

I really do not like the heat and just as well since it really does not like me either. These days of sun and mid 80's needs to stop. Happily today is only in the mid 70's, but sadly tomorrow begins the start of what will be 5 days (and perhaps longer) of hell.

High 80's on Saturday with 90's into and throughout most of next week. Bah! Unfortunately taking the drugs I do to keep my Menieres away also causes one to have the ability to get heatstroke easily (very). Hence I have for the last couple days felt terrible (bad flu type symptoms and tired, very tired). The weekend only holds more of that I fear. I will try and live in my bedroom with my portable AC on.

Here is hoping them weather folks are very wrong. My luck is this will be part of 30% they are correct this year.

Peace, Health and Happiness. I'll take some rain as well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You'd like it here.

14c (about 57 or 58f) and chucking it down


12:40 PM  
Blogger E said...

Well Aug 2 we leave for Newport Oregon for 6 days and there averages are about 65f, hence perfect for this wimp. Okie is gonna be cold :)

12:46 PM  

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