Yeah, my rain has returned. And with it came some nifty thunder. Sadly most likely causing fires up in the mountains with lightening as well.

Here is hoping not...as I sit and enjoy it at my now cleaned off desk. I am officially ready for those house photos to be taken. We have minor list of like 5 things that can easily be picked off tomorrow evening after work.

The weekend was once again very productive and now the waiting happens. Us being picky and nagging about keeping shit clean while strangers waltz through our house. Hoping to find the right person quickly so we can then stroll through others houses.

This will be the calm prior to the storm for us. The waiting to sell and then the lightening will strike, we will need to find a house quickly, get it inspected fill out tons of paperwork and then pack, pack, pack. Set up the moving date, van and all the crap that follows. Hence we are in the eye of the storm.

Now on that note I will go enjoy the rain while it lasts as it looks like sun is on the horizon again tomorrow.

Peace, Health and Happiness.