Sunday arrives

Woke up to the sound of birds and lots of light...way missed the gray shadows of the night. Another day to pull weeds and plant some flowers.

Life is returning to its usual sadly. May be time for a change of something. Unidentified as of yet but will be necessary to ones own mind.

As individuals it is our right to change our life the way we choose and within that same realm it is also necessary for us to realize that it can only be us who changes our life. Others may give opinions and advise and at the end of the day our decision or choice taken was ours and ours alone.

The path we choose may not always be one that others would like to see us go on, but in the end it is our choice. Do keep in mind, that choice will clearly affect other people so one should take in all aspects of the choice made. We as the unique individual can become selfish and sometimes that is necessary.

Be sure as to what you really want or need from the path. Greater good or acceptance sometimes is tough but the end result of what you do is up to you. We can be what ever we want is our thought, but sometimes there are limitations as to what that is and one must discover those on there own. From there one must decide where to diverge from any choices they had envisioned or not.