Daylight appears...

The morning is cool as the birds chirp away happily. The daylight seeps through the gray and black of the night. The sounds entice one to the deck to listen to the morning rise all around.

The day lies ahead, seek the new challenge, create it and live it. Each moment lately seems too important to be missed. Energy may be limited to a time frame not constructed or controlled by ones self. Decisions and choices may be on the forefront, but for now one can live the life they envisioned and hoped.

A reminder that this moment and the ones that lay in front of you may be the ones that change everything. Each one should be considered and thought out. With the unknown in the shadows all we can do is the here and now and prepare the best we can for the future.

Live now but with blinders open to the future. See all that could be and steer yourself toward that. We are but human, no one can expect more from you than you can expect from yourself.

Good Luck and Peace.